2012 NBHA NC02 Awards Banquet

awarding over $7,800 worth of prizes to 2012 Champions!

Open 1D winners: David Stephens (4th), Hayley Haase (reserve), Tony Saunders (5th), Josh Smith (Champion), Lori Bourque, and Karen Grantham (3rd). 

 Open 3D winners: Debra Brooks (3rd), Olivia Morgan (4th), Marci Sessions (Champion), Lori Bourque, and Blakley Hamer (4th). Not pictured: Jody Taylor (reserve).

 Youth 1D winners: Hayley Haase (reserve), Brianna Best (4th), Josh Smith (Champion), Madison Harrington (5th), Lori Bourque and Blakley Hamer (3rd).

 Youth 3D winners: Kayla Wesner (reserve), Erin Puryear (4th), Marci Sessions (Champion), Peighton Connor (4th), Madison Harrington (3rd), Lori Bourque and Blakley Hamer (4th).

 Open  2D winners: Sharon Moore (5th), Karen Grantham (Champion), Stoney Morgan (4th) and Lori Bourque. Not pictured: Jody Taylor (3rd) and James Lord (reserve).

 Open 4D winners: Claire Cummings (4th), Kimberly Stout (3rd), David Stephens (Champion), Angela House (reserve), Lori Bourque, and Zach Carpenter (5th).

 Youth 2D winners: Brianna Best (reserve), Caroline Greene (5th), Blakley Hamer (Champion), Madison Harrington (4th), Marci Sessions (3rd) and Lori Bourque.

Youth 4D winners: Caroline Greene (Champion), Makala Brown (3rd), Kayla Wesner (3rd), Mallie Clara Purvis (5th), Lori Bourque, and Grace Austum (reserve).

 Senior winners: Sharon Moore (1D Champion), Debra Brooks (2D Champion), Gary Kennedy (1D top 5), Susan Stout (1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D top 5), Candice Haase (3D Champion), Bill Fogg (1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D top 5), and Director Lori Bourque.