2024 Awards 

Rules To Qualify For Year End Awards:

1.  Award values will be based on the financial status of the district.  We will do our very best to give great awards!  We will award the top 5 placings in each division in each class.  (Open, Senior, Teen, and Youth)

2.  Our members voted to keep the awards fee for 2024.  The awards fee is $50 per member.  For multiple members living in one household, the fee for additional members after the first paid member is $30.  The award fee must be paid NO LATER THAN APRIL 15.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO BE FAIR TO ALL MEMBERS!

2. If our District has up to 10 shows or more, a member MUST attend minimum FIVE (5) to qualify for their awards.  In other words, members MUST ATTEND 1/2 of District Shows to qualify for year end awards
Less than 10 shows:  7 shows=3, 8 shows=4, 9 shows=4

3. Tie-Breaker rules for Year-End Awards:  In the event that there is a tie for any placing in a division for year-end awards, we will put in place the following tie-breakers:  

The member who attended the MOST SHOWS will win the tie-breaker.  The other member will take the next placing.  For example, if the highest point total in a division is 10 points, and two members have 10 points, the member with the most shows will take first place.  The other member (with less shows) will take second place.  This will be in effect for all placings.  If there is still a tie, (meaning both of those members with 10 points had the same amount of shows,  the person who won the MOST MONEY in that division will win the tie-breaker and the other member will drop to the next place. 

2024 Award Fees Paid:

Betsy Harper

Scott Harper