Special thanks to Beth Herndon for sponsoring the Pee Wee Class for next year!!

 If any of you feed LEGENDS, TRIPLE CROWN SENIOR or RELIANCE HORSE FEEDS - save the proof of purchases and/or email Debbie Brooks and she will let you know how to get them to her.  

She will send them into the SHOW program for Southern States.   Each proof of purchase is worth 25 cents. 

Debra Brooks @ 336-465-0745 / email-bigtimemylady@yahoo.com

Southern States S.H.O.W. program. Big thanks to Tracey Crawford at the hospital for donating her proof of purchaces on her feed bags, and Marty and Sharon Moore and Weekengo Farm Arena for proofs as well.
So keep collecting and so that we can get a head start for next year.